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If an infinite number of chimps sat at typewriters, computers, guitars and pianos, statistically one of them is guaranteed to come up with a work of genius. I'm hoping for that bolt out of the blue to hit me. In the meantime I write and record my stuff anyway. Then I post it here and inflict it upon the world
It certainly helps to be based in southern California where the sky is always blue and the sun is always shining

March 24 2013 
Finished new song called For Her. Should have it up and ready soon
March 16 2013 
Another test mix of For Her completed. It seems like I'm getting the hang of mixing on an analog desk

March 3 2013

Analog setup of desk and gear set up in the studio. getting ready for some test mixes to see how is works

March 25 2012
Tracked Drums for 2 songs this weekend on a brand new set up. Sounds good! 





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